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Welcome to the SIMS, Plasmas and Materials subgroup

As head of the SIMS laboratory at JLU I am involved in diverse research projects.  My main research interests are in the fascinating field of “SIMS, Plasmas and materials”. At first glance this appears to be a very diverse combination of topics. At second glance, an analytical technique like secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) requires materials for analysis. Only specialist knowledge in both fields, analytics and materials science, enables maximum outcome. My main interest lies in the investigation of reaction and diffusion processes in applied systems. This ranges from the characterisation of SEI layers on battery electrodes via drug release from biomaterials and transport in bone,   to materials degradation studies in low-temperature plasmas. A speciality are SIMS in-situ and operando investigations of electrochemical systems, like solid oxide fuel cell electrodes and batteries. Since 2023 I am also PI in the POLIS Cluster of Excellence and we are studying the hard carbon anode of Na batteries. Part of the work takes place in cooperation with Jürgen Janek and other cooperation partners. Students are always welcome to do a Bachelor's or Master's thesis under my supervision!

Figure: Finite element simulation of drug spreading from a functionalised biomaterial in rat bone.

Figure: Calculation of a 3D battery anode structure from a 2D SIMS image by using the Slice-GAN algorithm.

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