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SIMS, Plasmas & Materials

Welcome on the webpage of the SIMS, Plasmas and Materials group. On these webpages, you can find information about the direction, the area of research, the publications and the teaching. As a subgroup, we are part of the WG Janek. At first glance, “SIMS, Plasmas and Materials” appears to be a very diverse combination of topics. At second glance, an analytical technique like secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) requires materials for analysis. Only specialist knowledge in the field of analytics and materials science enables maximum outcomes. The main interest lies in the investigation of diffusion processes in applied systems. This ranges from drug release from biomaterials and transport into bone, via diffusion in environmental polymers through materials degradation in low-temperature plasmas. A particular challenge lies in SIMS in-situ investigations of electrochemical systems, like solid oxide fuel cell electrodes and batteries.