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Marine Holobiomics Group

Head: Prof. Dr. Maren Ziegler 

"Holism is a philosophical notion first proposed by Aristotle in the 4thcentury BC. It states that systems should be studied in their entirety, with a focus on the interconnections between their various components rather than on the individual parts" (Dittami et al. 2021)


The Marine Holobiomics Lab is interested in how the rapidly changing environment of the Anthropocene shapes the coral holobiont composition, and in turn how changes in the coral holobiont composition shape the organismal response to a rapidly changing environment. We study these interactions on the coral colony or holobiont level and at the level of reefscapes, in which corals together with other organisms comprise the reef holobiome. Our lab runs an experimental coral aquarium, the Ocean2100 facility, where we apply a wide range of research tools from molecular and microbial ecology, ecophysiology, and genomics to study acclimatization and adaptation processes.



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