Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Formation of a Scientific & Academic Profile

Taking place in December 2016 the programme offered a workshop in combination with individual coachings based on the workshop content.


The Workshop provided theory and a profound self-positioning on how a scientific & academic profile can be developed with focus on women researchers:

- Input about career models and possible career pathways

- Tackeling the overall question "what makes a successful researcher" self-assessments and theory of a standardized Researchers Development Framework are combined to work out the most important elements of a scientific & academic profile

Practical part:
- competences (personal qualities and skills)
- self-management
- career development, including career aims

Interactive part:
- presentation of analysis by each participant
- discussion, reflection and feedback


Individual Coachings:

- Individual one-to-one career coaching 

- Check of CV and publication list; check of other relevant documentation (e.g. application documents)

- Reflection and discussion of e.g. current/further challenges, career and funding possibilities, applications, mobility, reconciliation of career and private life, possible next steps, feedback and motivation