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Klaus-Dieter Schlüter, PhD


Klaus-Dieter Schlüter teaches the entire field of physiology and pathophysiology for medical and dentistry students. He has also put great efforts in graduate educational programs, teaching students from the faculties of human medicine, veterinary medicine, and biology. He has been very active in the reform of traditional concepts of teaching. He has contributed to textbooks of molecular medicine with chapters on endocrinopathies.

Other Activities:

Klaus-Dieter Schlüter is an active member of several national and international scientific societies. He has organized scientific symposia on the european and national level. He is member of several committees of the university, and in scientific societies. He is the Vice-director of the Institute of Physiology and of the council for examinations of dentistry students. He is also Associated Editor of Cardiovascular Research and committee member of the “Excellence Cluster Cardiopulmonary System (ECCPS)”.



University Education

1979 – 1985 Studies of Biology, University of Münster
1985 Diploma in Biology (M. Sc.), University of Münster
1989 Doctor of natural sciences (rer. nat.), University of Münster


Scientific Career

1986 – 1989 PhD-Student at “Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung”, Braunschweig
1989 – 1994 Research Assistant of Physiology, University of Düsseldorf
1994 – 2002 Research Assistant of Physiology, University of Giessen
1997 Habilitation, Physiology, University of Giessen
Since 2002 Professor of Physiology, University of Giessen
Since 2003 Associated Editor, Cardiovascular Research


Awards & Honours

1992 Rudolf-Thauer-Award of the German Cardiac Society
1999 Arthur-Weber-Award of the German Cardiac Society


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