Inhaltspezifische Aktionen

Support & Partners

Building on a track record of excellence, we invite scholars from Justus Liebig University and beyond to join and contribute to our vibrant research community in the study of culture.
Self-funded visiting scholars (postdoctoral level) are warmly encouraged to get in touch and carry out their projects at the centre, benefitting from our research infrastructure and rich culture of interdisciplinary dialogue and collaborative exchange. We also provide assistance with grant applications, such as in our series “Peer Advice on Research Funding”.

Kick-off Funding for Collaborative Research Initiatives – Open Call

As a currently running open call, the Research Centre for the Study of Culture (RCSC) offers kick-off funding of up to 2.500 Euro for researchers working on a grant application for collaborative projects in the study of culture. Eligible formats include, e.g., exploratory meetings and workshops helping the formation of the project group and the development of a research proposal (eligible costs: travel and accommodation). At least one member of the group of researchers involved needs to be based at Justus Liebig University. Applicants are welcome to enquire about individual options and requirements.

--> download the Application Form as a PDF file here

Applications (1 page A4, detailing the projected research group, proposal and prospective costs) can be submitted any time to Prof. Dr. Jan Rupp , RCSC Coordinator.