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Bild des Monats Juni 2022

Conformable metal oxide platelets – A smart surface armor for green tribology

Laser induced surface modification is usually considered as a promising route to improve the tribological properties, i.e., friction and wear, of metallic surfaces. Recently, a new approach was explored as a collaboration between the Universities of Marburg and Giessen. Using different irradiation parameters, a range of samples was created by nanosecond laser pulses (a), where subsequent melting and cooling resulted in hierarchical surface structures of metal oxide platelets based on vertical nanotubes (b). Tribological tests using a homebuilt tribometer (c) then revealed how these surfaces layers can prevent friction and wear, with typical friction reduction by about 50-70%. In particular the unique resilience of the flexible surface layers against mechanical stress makes them attractive for potential technological applications.

Reinhardt et al., Tribology International 162, 137108 (2021). DOI: 10.1016/j.triboint.2021.107138.

Dieses Bild wurde eingereicht von Dr. Dirk Dietzel.

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