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Current Job Offers @ ZEU


Postdoctoral Scientist /Research Scientist (m/f/d) in the field of AI/ML and climate extremes




At any time: Internship at ZEU

Usually, the ZEU internships last between 6-12 weeks. The internship will familiarise the intern with the ZEU’s current projects in, if possible, all its sections and to make him or her contribute to the projects’ preparation and implementation.

Professional, personal and formal requirements

You should 

  • be able to contribute professional know-how in development and environmental research,
  • have a good command of English,
  • be able to work in a team,
  • be able to work full-time at the ZEU (part-time work or a 4-day-week cannot be offered),
  • be enrolled as a Master student,
  • provide verification that you will be serving an obligatory internship.


If you want to apply, please do so by an informal letter, containing

  • information on the requested period of your internship,
  • your internship’s focus,
  • a short CV,
  • verification that your internship is obligatory; to this end, please refer to the relevant part of your study’s/faculty’s examination regulations.
For further information, please contact the ZEU’s managing director .

For Giessen students only: Please note that FB 09 of JLU will not accept internships at the ZEU as it is an institution of JLU. Still, all students of FB 09 are also welcome at the ZEU!

For applicants of other universities: Please clarify with your faculty’s internship and examination office whether internships at the ZEU, as a university institution, will be accepted.