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SDGnexus Network

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Section Name/ Description Credits
Landing Page Graphic Graphic by Maraike Büst | Picture by Simon Berger from Unsplash
Research Research Area Picture by engin akyurt from Unsplash
  Working Paper Series Picture by JJ Ying from Unsplash
  Nexus 1 Picture by Helena Lopes by Pexels
  Nexus 2 Picture by Mrjn Photography by Unsplash
  Nexus 3 Picture by Pat Whelen by Unsplash
  Nexus 4 Picture by Pexels from Pixabay
  Nexus 5 Picture by Chris Liverani by Unsplash
  SDG Icons & Logo
Education Graphic Sustainable Transition Brochure Graphic by Till Schürmann
  Sustainable Transition Master Programme Picture by Fauxels by Pexels
  PhD Scholarship Programme  
  SDG related MOOCS Picture by Startup Stock Photos by Pexels
People & Network Graphic World Graphic designed by Maraike Büst using Freepik from (licensed under CC BY 3.0)
  Logos of Core Partners, Collaborating Partners, JLU and other exceed Centers The rights of all logos used belong to the facilities, projects,
institutes, centers and universities.
News & Events News Picture by Lora Ohanessian by Unsplash
  Events Picture by Ono Kosuki from Pexels
General Icons & Buttons All Icons & Buttons are designed by Maraike Büst using Freepik from (licensed under CC BY 3.0)