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Research Papers

The research papers of the SDGnexus Network encompass a wide array of multidisciplinary studies that align with the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. These papers are published across various nexus areas, collectively contributing to the advancement of sustainability science.

Amirova, I., Petrick, M., & Djanibekov, N. (2022). Investment traps and resilience to shocks: An experimental study of Central Asian collective water governance. Irrigation and Drainage, 71, 110-123

Assubayeva, A. (2023). Review of uncertainties in water security decision-making in Central Asia. OSCE Academy in Bishkek. Research Paper #12, 1-17 

Assubayeva, A., Xenarios, S., Li, A., & Fazli, S. (2022). Assessing water security in Central Asia through a Delphi method and a clustering analysis. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, 970633

Barrero-Amórtegui, Y., & Maldonado, J. H. (2021). Gender composition of management groups in a conservation agreement framework: experimental evidence for mangrove use in the Colombian Pacific. World Development, 142, 105449 

Berdimbetov, T., Ilyas, S., Ma, Z. et al. Climatic Change and Human Activities Link to Vegetation Dynamics in the Aral Sea Basin Using NDVI. Earth Syst Environ 5, 303–318 (2021)

Berdimbetov, T., Ma, Z. G., Shelton, S., Ilyas, S., & Nietullaeva, S. (2021). Identifying land degradation and its driving factors in the Aral sea basin from 1982 to 2015. Frontiers in Earth Science, 9, 690000 

Birkel, C., Correa Barahona, A., Duvert, C., Granados Bolanos, S., Chavarria Palma, A., Duran Quesada, A. M., ... & Biester, H. (2021). End member and Bayesian mixing models consistently indicate near‐surface flowpath dominance in a pristine humid tropical rainforest. Hydrological Processes, 35(4), e14153. 

Clifton‐Brown, J., Hastings, A., von Cossel, M., Murphy‐Bokern, D., McCalmont, J., Whitaker, J., ... & Kiesel, A. (2023). Perennial biomass cropping and use: Shaping the policy ecosystem in European countries. GCB Bioenergy 

Fonseca, K., Espitia, E., Breuer, L., & Correa, A. (2022). Using fuzzy cognitive maps to promote nature-based solutions for water quality improvement in developing-country communities. Journal of Cleaner Production, 377, 134246 

Forero, J. E. (2022). Caesarism, passive revolution, and the state: Insights from Rafael Correa’s Government in Ecuador (2007–2017). Capital & Class, 47(2), 227-247 

Hajdu, A., Gagalyuk, T., Bukin, E., & Petrick, M. (2021). Determinants of corporate social responsibility among farms in Russia and Kazakhstan: a multilevel approach using survey data. International Food and Agribusiness Management Review, 24(4), 697-716

Hartwell, C. A., Otrachshenko, V., & Popova, O. (2021). Waxing power, waning pollution: The effect of COVID-19 on Russian environmental policymaking. Ecological Economics, 184, 107003

Heidmeier, A. K., & Teuber, R. (2022). Acceptance of in vitro meat and the role of food technology neophobia, dietary patterns and information–Empirical evidence for Germany. British Food Journal, 125(7), 2540-2557 

Ismailhodjaev, B., Kuatbekova, K., Kholmirzaeva, B., Boburbek, N., Mirzaqubulov, J., Eskaraev, N., & Abduraimova, N. (2022). Activity, patterns, and localization of carbonic acid enzymes in algae used in wastewater treatment. Texas Journal of Engineering and Technology, 14, 11-17

Jehn, F. U., Schneider, M., Wang, J. R., Kemp, L., & Breuer, L. (2021). Betting on the best case: Higher end warming is underrepresented in research. Environmental Research Letters, 16(8), 084036

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Khalid, B., Khalid, A., Muslim, S., Habib, A., Khan, K., Alvim, D. S., ... & Chen, B. (2021). Estimation of aerosol optical depth in relation to meteorological parameters over eastern and western routes of China Pakistan economic corridor. Journal of Environmental Sciences, 99, 28-39

Marco, J., & Goetz, R. (2023). Public policy design and common property resources: A social network approach. American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Mavisakalyan, A., Otrachshenko, V., & Popova, O. (2021). Can bribery buy health? Evidence from post-communist countries. Journal of Comparative Economics, 49(4), 991-1007

Meister, M., Bissinger, K., & Teuber, R. (2021). Faire Lebensmittelpreise: Analyse des Verständnisses von Akteuren entlang der Wertschöpfungskette. Berichte über Landwirtschaft - Zeitschrift für Agrarpolitik und Landwirtschaft, Aktuelle Beiträge

Menton, M., Larrea, C., Latorre, S., Martinez-Alier, J., Peck, M., Temper, L., & Walter, M. (2020). Environmental justice and the SDGs: from synergies to gaps and contradictions. Sustainability Science, 15, 1621-1636

Nikolova, M., Popova, O., & Otrachshenko, V. (2022). Stalin and the origins of mistrust. Journal of Public Economics, 208, 104629 

Otrachshenko, V., & Popova, O. (2022). Does weather sharpen income inequality in Russia? Review of Income and Wealth, 68, S193-S223 

Otrachshenko, V., Hartwell, C. A., & Popova, O. (2023). Energy efficiency, market competition, and quality certification: Lessons from Central Asia. Energy Policy, 177, 113539

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Otrachshenko, V., Tyurina, E., & Nagapetyan, A. (2022). The economic value of the Glass Beach: Contingent valuation and life satisfaction approaches. Ecological Economics, 198, 107466 

Paha, J., & Funk, C. (2023). Is Grade Repetition in South Africa Lowered by Access to Electric Light or ICT Devices? SSRN 4356410

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Robinson, S., Bozayeva, Z., Mukhamedova, N., Djanibekov, N., & Petrick, M. (2021). Ranchers or pastoralists? Farm size, specialisation and production strategy amongst cattle farmers in south-eastern Kazakhstan. Pastoralism, 11(1), 31

Rocha, J. C., Schill, C., Saavedra-Díaz, L. M., Moreno, R. D. P., & Maldonado, J. H. (2020). Cooperation in the face of thresholds, risk, and uncertainty: Experimental evidence in fisher communities from Colombia. PLos One, 15(12), e0242363   

Sarmah, S., Singha, M., Wang, J., Dong, J., Burman, P. K. D., Goswami, S., Yong, G., Ilyas, S., & Niu, S. (2021). Mismatches between vegetation greening and primary productivity trends in South Asia–A satellite evidence. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, 104, 102561

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Vishnu, S., Sathyan, A.R., Sam, A. S., Radhakrishnan, A., Ragavan, S. O., Kandathil, J. V., & Funk, C. (2022). Digital competence of higher education learners in the context of COVID-19 triggered online learning. Social Sciences & Humanities Open, 100320

Zhang, Z., Su, B., Chen, Y., Lan, J., Bilal, M., Pan, M., Ilyas, S., & Khedher, K. M. (2022). Study on Vertically Distributed Aerosol Optical Characteristics over Saudi Arabia Using CALIPSO Satellite Data. Applied Sciences, 12(2), 603