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The SDGnexus Network promotes the Nexus approach for the establishment of its research framework. The Nexus approach goes beyond the investigation of single SDGs and allows for flexibility in identifying vital context-specific interlinkages between SDGs. Considering the main development challenges of our partner countries and the diverse potential of our partner institutions, we have identified five Nexus areas that will serve as a stepping stone for further research on different SDGs and their interlinkages. The SDGnexus Network Working Paper Series disseminates multidisciplinary research promoting the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. The Working Papers are published to stimulate an active discussion about innovative approaches towards transformative change and building bridges between science, education, and development. The Working Papers have not been peer-reviewed and constitute “work in progress” but underwent an internal quality control.
Nexus 1 | Food Systems »

Crop production and livestock husbandry are globally of tremendous importance for food security and nutrition, rural employment, and income generation...


Sarah Robinson, Martin Petrick

Trade-offs among sustainability goals in the Central Asian livestock sector - A research review


Nexus 2 | Water »

Water is a vital resource for all forms of life on earth, and the use of this resource creates several synergies and trade-offs between a variety of SDGs...


Sarah Robinson, Martin Petrick

Sustainable Development Goals and the livestock sector in Central Asia: A course outline 


Nexus 3 | Urban and Rural Areas »

A growing world population and demographic or socio-economic changes lead to a rapid growth of cities and involve a changing relationship between rural and urban areas...


Sandra Schwindenhammer, Katrin Strobehn, Helmut Breitmeier, Thomas Hickmann, Markus Lederer, Jens Marquardt, Sabine Weiland (Editors)

Digital Sustainability Education - Potential, Development Trends and Good Practices 


Nexus 4 | Natural Resources »

The mining and consumption of raw materials such as fossil fuels and ores have shaped the earth for centuries. It sometimes led to booming economies and prosperous societies...


Adriana Marcela Gómez Mateus, Lucas Grimm, Rainer Waldhardt

Conversion of pastures to oil palm plantations in Colombia generates lower greenhouse gas emissions than cattle ranching: a literature research


Nexus 5 | SDG Monitoring »

Education and innovation on information and communication technologies (ICTs), as well as on big data analytics, are essential tools for successful SDG monitoring...



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