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EAAS Womens Network Symposium Keynote Andrea Pető

EAAS Womens Network Symposium Keynote Andrea Pető am 31. März 2023

Gerne möchten wir auf folgende [Online]Keynote des Fifth Biennale Women´s Network Symposium an der Universität Debrecen am 31. März 2023 hinweisen. Die Historikerin Prof. Dr. Andrea Pető (Central University Vienna) wird zu "Reproductive Rights as a site for a new cold war" sprechen. 

Auszug aus der Veranstaltungsankündigung:

Are we witnessing a new Cold War between liberal and illiberal forces globally waged on “gender as symbolic glue”? Attacks on reproductive rights fill the headlines and government-sponsored billboards promoting motherhood and condemning abortion proliferate, while the allegedly mainstream right-wing governments increasingly adopt positions previously espoused only by the far right creating a dangerous void in the center of the political spectrum. Posters of smiling white mothers with cute white babies are covering the expensive billboards advertising motherhood from Hungary to Poland, from Germany to Denmark, from Russia to Serbia. Is the ethnocentric pronatalism of today the same pronatalism as of the interwar period concerning its rhetoric and potential for mobilization? Should the triple – financial, security, and ‘refugee’ – crises of the years following 2008 and/or the COVID-19 pandemic be considered as our era’s trigger moments?  This talk tries to give an answer to these troubling questions, using a historical comparative analysis of the different phases of contestations of reproductive rights – abortion policy and promoting righteous motherhood.


Beginn: 11:15 Uhr

Raum: Studio 111, Hauptgebäude

Moderation: Éva Mathey

 Dem Webex Meetingraum können Sie hier beitreten.

 Password: EAAS_Keynote






(17.03.2023, Tillmann Schorstein)