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Käthe Leichter visiting professorship advertised (3 months)

Käthe Leichter visiting professorship advertised (3 months)


Hiermit möchten wir auf folgende Stellenanzeige aufmerksam machen:


Vienna University has advertised the Käthe-Leichter visiting professorship for the duration of the summer term 23


This is a teaching position (3 courses per week) for three months, which is remunerated by 20.000 Euros before tax. The deadline for applications is: 25th Nov. Scholars from literary studies, linguistics and cultural studies are eligible for appliction.


If any of you are interested in applying, you would have to do it through a Department at the Faculty of Philology and Cultural Studies. In other words: one of the Departments at our faculty has to support your application. At our Department of English and Cultural Studies, the current head is Evelien Keizer (Mathilde Evelien Keizer <>) and she’d be happy to pass on the top two or three applications to the selection committee. 


If you were interested, this is what you would have to send to Evelien: 


* syllabi for three courses (could be lectures, could be seminars) 

* your CV

* your list of publications


Evelien would then add a letter of support to the top two or three applications and hand them over to the selection committee, which will announce its decision in December. 


(26.10.2022, Tillmann Schorstein)