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"Basic didactic principles and teaching methods" for members of the GGL


21.09.2022 von 10:00 bis 13:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)

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As a cooperation between the project Network for Impactful Digital International Teaching Skills (NIDIT) and the Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL), the trainers of NIDIT - International Training Team, Inês Gamelas and Richard Vargas, are pleased to conduct the workshop: "Basic didactic principles and teaching methods" for GGL members on September 21, from 10:00 to 13:00. This workshop focuses on teaching methods and approaches, essential for planning, preparing, and delivering teaching sessions in any academic setting. The workshop addresses key topics such as the conception of teaching and learning objectives, the integration of strategies for giving and taking effective feedback, and the implementation of digital tools for interactive teaching-learning processes. Accordingly, the aim of this workshop is twofold. On the one hand, it seeks to make participants feel more confident when planning and delivering their teaching sessions. On the other hand, it attempts to improve participants' teaching skills in a variety of settings so that they are better equipped to cope with potential challenges of online and face-to-face teaching.

Are you interested in taking part? Please contact the GGL to register for this event: REGISTRATION LINK

Learning Goals

Participants of this workshop will:

  • broaden their understanding and use of key teaching methods and approaches;
  • get better insights into lesson planning and delivering by considering major didactic principles and methods;
  • get acquainted with tips on how to conceive and elaborate teaching and learning objectives;
  • know how to incorporate effective feedback that mirrors formative and on-going assessment in students;
  • identify and examine critically digital tools to be used in diverse teaching scenarios;
  • get familiar with their own teaching and reflect on how to enhance it.
Trainer Inês Gamelas, Ph. D. and Richard Vargas, MA
Target Group

GCSC and GGK doctoral students; external interested participants

Format online (via BBB; the link will be provided after the registration)
Date 21/09/2022
Registration Basic didactic principles and teaching methods — Giessen Graduate Centre for the Life Sciences (GGL) (
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