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Political education for a peaceful and sustainable future in Latin America: Alumni in dialogue with science and practice

The project includes a delegation of alumni and other parties from science, political education, civil society and indigenous communities working in Germany for a science-practice dialogue on the issue of "Political Education for a Peaceful and Sustainable Future in Latin America". The focus is on the three future, 21st century challenges: social and economic development, the ecological question, and peace and democracy.

Latin America is of particular relevance to all three thematic blocks. The region also has great potential to positively influence the progress towards meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). But this requires policy reforms that promote development. Their legitimacy and social acceptance is only granted if all social groups are involved in a broad and democratic discussion on the SDGs and possible ways to meet the global targets.

The project offers an exchange on the structures, dynamics and controversies of civic education and the SDGs with a focus on the Andean area of South America. The project's target countries are Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.


Project period: 2021


Participating entities:

Prof. em. Dr. Bernd Overwien; Dr. Karl Weber