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The Chair of Banking & Finance offers various courses in the department's Bachelor and Master program. The focus of the courses is on the one hand on a practice-oriented teaching of the contents, for example through the use of case studies, and on the other hand on the rigorous integration of scientific working methods. The latter serves in particular to impart the necessary knowledge and skills for the successful completion of an academic thesis. Didactically, the teaching programme is based on a blended learning concept that combines different elements of knowledge transfer such as quizzes, tools and news.


The courses of the Chair of Banking & Finance are offered in German for the Bachelor's degree and in English for the Master's degree. The lecture notes are always in English, as this corresponds to the terminology of finance and the literature used is mostly only available in English.


Please note:

1. The Master courses Private Equity and Emprical Banking & Finance will no longer be offered.

2. The course Data Processing took place for the last time in the winter semester 2022/23.


Bachelor studies


Master studies