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Recommendation letter

Dear students,

Professor Walter is happy to assist you with reference and recommendation letters for study abroad programs, scholarships, or admission to foundation programs. Please take note of the following instructions when submitting your request:

  1. Send your application early (preferably at least one month before the deadline) to our research assistant, Mr. Martin Becker
  2. Please only send requests that explicitly require a recommendation letter from the addressed institution and provide evidence of this requirement (e.g., through a website link or email). We regretfully cannot issue general recommendation letters or letters for institutions where they are not specifically requested.
  3. Please include the following in your application:
    • Current transcript of your academic record (and a bachelor's degree certificate for students in a master's program)
    • Curriculum vitae (including a photo helps us with identification but is not mandatory)
    • Any formatting guidelines and other requirements of the addressed institution
    • Evidence from the addressed institution