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Bachelor Thesis (WS/SS)

Bachelor Thesis in the field of "Technology, Innovation and Start-up Management"

As part of the Bachelor thesis, students are supposed to learn how to empirically replicate a scientific relation in the field of technology, innovation, or start-up management. More precisely, the students’ task is to make themselves more familiar with a current research question, work up the field of literature and to empirically evaluate the conceptual model of a specific research project.

Each student can choose preferences from a list of available thesis topics.


The successful completion of the orientation phase is necessary in order to be accepted for the Bachelor thesis. The following criteria must also be met at the date of admission:

  • At least 120 CP
  • A successfully completed proseminar module

We recommend to write the bachelor thesis at the department where the proseminar was completed previously. This allows an early integration into the respective research and project work of the department.

Bachelor Thesis – Topics

The Bachelor thesis topics of the department of Technology, Innovation and  Entrepreneurship mainly stem from the following research areas:

  • Innovation Management
  • Innovation Marketing
  • Reverse Innovationen
  • Technology Management
  • Business Model Innovations
  • Open Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Cybersecurity
If you were chosen to write your Bachelor Thesis at our department, you will receive a list of all topics during the Kick-off meeting. You will then have the opportunity to rank the topics according to your preference. We will do our best to take your preferences into account when allocating the Topics.

Course information

Professor: Prof. Dr. Monika Schuhmacher
Contact person: Alexandra von Preuschen
Term: Winter term and summer term                              
Type of examination:

Bachelor thesis


German or English


Successful completion of all modules of the orientation Phase plus at least 30 CPs (Major)

Schedule for WS 2021/22 (All dates are mandatory)


Kick-off: Monday, October 16th, 2023, 12:00 pm (noon)


All participants will be informed about further dates via e-mail and StudIP.

General Information on Bachelor Theses

Link to the page of the current module description