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Technology and Innovation Management (SS)

Content of the course "Technology and Innovation Management" (Lecture and Exercise)

This event is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the fundamentals of technology management, where concepts for understanding technology strategies, etc. are presented. In the second part, there is a discussion of central strategic concepts of innovation management. Specific aspects of innovation management, such as the individual stages of the innovation process, will be considered.

For detailed information on the specifics of the module content, please refer to the course material.

Student feedback 

  • "Explanations and topics were well understood and conveyed. The concept of the lecture was very well thought out."
  • "A very good presentation and clear representation of the content. As students, we were always able to contribute our ideas during the classes."
  • "Energy and presence."

Course information

Module code: 02-BWL:BSc-B10-2
Professor: Prof. Dr. Monika Schuhmacher
Contact person: Petrit Ademi
Term: Summer term
Type of examination:

Written exam

Course language:


Prerequisites: Successful completion of all modules of the orientation phase


  • to be announced

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