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Seminar (WS/SS)

Content of the seminar Technology, Innovation and Start-up Management

Our seminar “Exploring Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is designed to provide you with the flexibility to shape your academic and professional journey. For this, you are given two options to choose from.


  1. Write an idea paper on a startup idea: Dive into the world of entrepreneurship by crafting a seminar paper that focuses on your own start-up concept. This option allows you to conceive, refine, and analyze your start-up idea.
  2. Write a research paper on technology, innovation or entrepreneurship: Engage in in-depth research on a specific topic. This way, you are able to explore critical issues in the respective research field and propose a research model.


Regardless of your chosen path, both options culimate in the opportunity to use your seminar paper as an expose for your future master thesis and thus, you can determine your destiny directly. This way this seminar will enhance your critical thinking, research, and presentation abilities, preparing you for success in practice as well as academia.


A tutor will support the students until the completion of the scientific paper and the final presentation. The final presentations are introduced to the department team as well as the other course members, which are expected to participate in the Q & A.

Student feedback

  • "Inspired good food for thought."
  • "Responded quickly and helpfully to questions."
  • "Clear wording in the event. It was fun."
  • "Promoting personal initiative."

Course information

Module code:



Prof. Dr. Monika Schuhmacher

Contact person: Alexandra von Preuschen
Term: Winter and summer term
Type of examination:

Paper and presentation

Language paper and presentation:

Englisch (preferred) or German
  • Current Flexnow print-out/grading record
  • Copy of the Bachelor's transcript

Schedule for WS 2021/22 (All dates are mandatory)


Kick-off: Monday, October 16th, 2023, 11:00 am. 

  All participants will be informed about further dates via e-mail and StudIP.

General information on Seminars

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