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Macroeconomics I

Module description

The course Macroeconomics I is one of the four compulsory modules of the orientation phase and takes place every winter semester. It is structured as a lecture with a separate tutorial. The course is jointly taught by the Chair of Public Finance of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Scherf and the Chair of International Economics of Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl.

The module contents include aspects from the following areas of macroeconomics:

  • Introduction to basic macroeconomic concepts and theories
  • Study of the short run (goods markets, money and financial markets, and the IS-LM model)
  • The open economy and exchange rate regimes
  • Application of macroeconomic models to current economic policy issues




Module code

02-Wiwi:BSc-Or-7 und 02-Wiwi:NF/B-VWL-4

Responsible for module

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Scherf, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl

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