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Virtual Summer School - Economics of Debt Crises

Module description

  • Profound knowledge of game theory with special applications in the field of finance and capital market theory
  • ability to interpret models from relevant literature and to critically discuss their explanatory potential
  • ability to deal with applicable policy proposals based on relevant theory and empirical findings
  • formulation, argumentative defense and critical dispute of subject-related viewpoints and problem solving


The module covers:

  • Part 1 (lecture): Debt: Game Theory Applications (pre-recorded videos)
    • Basics of game theory
    • Applications in the context of finance and capital market theory
  • Part 2 (seminar): Fiscal and Monetary Policy in Sovereign Debt Crises (virtual live event)
    • Fiscal policy in crisis situations
    • Conventional and unconventional monetary policy in crises



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Responsible for module

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Meckl

Start Summer term

Further information especially place and time will be announced on Stud.IP.