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Germany’s Political and Social System/Comparing political systems

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Within the complex of Germany’s Political and Social System / comparing political systems research is interested in political institutions, decision making processes and contents of political systems focusing on the example of the Federal Republic of Germany and its comparative analyses. The main emphasis lies on participation research (elections), parties, civil societies, demonstrations, social media and unconventional forms of political participation. Further, Prof. De Nève and her team approach questions concerning the relationship between citizens and the state, governance, representation, political communication, gender/queer studies, religion and corruption.

The professorship’s team closely cooperates with national as well as international researchers (amongst others University of Vienna, Tokyo University, National Dong Hwa University). They are also actively involved in joint projects of the Centre for Media and Interactivity (ZMI) and the research association antidemocratic attitude.


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    Duration: project in preparation
    Project by Prof. Dr. Dorothée de Nève and Dr. Johannes Diesing

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