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Fabian Alexander Schöppner


Fabian Alexander Schöppner

Doctoral Researcher
at the Department of Political Science


Justus Liebig University Giessen
Department of Political Science

Karl-Gloeckner-Strasse 21E

D-35394 Giessen


Philosophikum II Room E217a

☎ +49 641 99 23112

Office Hours

Thursdays, 14:30-15:30

Competent Secretariat

Philosophikum II Room E201

☎ +49 641 99 23110

Fax +49 641 99 23119



Academic Experience

Since 10/2022

Research Co-ordinator, SHAPEDEM-EU


10/2020 - 09/2022

Junior Researcher in teaching on the methodology of the social sciences in the Department of Political Science at the Justus Liebig University Gießen


05/2018 - 09/2020

Junior Researcher in grant development in the Department of Political Science at the Justus Liebig University Gießen


07/2016 - 07/2017

Student Assistant in the Department of Political Science at the Justus Liebig University Gießen


10/2014 - 08/2016

Master of Arts, Intercultural Communication and European Studies, University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Hesse


08/2005 - 05/2009

Bachelor of Arts, History and German Studies, University of Portland, Oregon, USA


08/2001 - 05/2005

High School Diploma, Bellarmine Preparatory School, Tacoma, Washington, USA

  Work Experience


12/2017 - 04/2018 

Junior Project Manager at S/Company - The Marketing Agency GmbH, Fulda, Hessen 


06/2016, 07/2017

Intercultural Workshop Leader at the Ferdinand Braun School, Fulda, Hesse


02/2016 - 03/2016

Englisch Instructor at the University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Hesse


06/2013 - 07/2015

Student Assistant at Clinical Trials Management GmbH, Vienna, Austria


10/2010 - 05/2012

Fulbright Commission Scholarship Recipient to teach English for the Vienna School Board, Vienna, Austria




Fabian Schöppner, “The European Union and External Governance Conflict Management in the Post-Soviet Space – The Examples of Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine”. In Wolfram Hilz, Shushanik Minasyan, Maciej Raś, Eds.  Ambiguities of Europe’s Eastern Neighbourhood Perspectives from Germany and Poland. Springer.


Vera Axyonova, Tatiana Kyselova, and Fabian Schöppner, “Orchestrating Dialogue: International Organizations and Conflict Transformation in Ukraine”.




"Der Europarat und der Schutz der europäischen Menschenrechte, Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit" presented at the Ring Lecture Series of the JLU Giessen 06.11.2019 


"Conflict management in the post-Soviet area" presented at the political science conference "Neighborhood relations as a field of cooperation or conflict. Contradictory interests of Germany and Poland in the Eastern neighborhood of the European Union" at the University of Warsaw, 12.04.2019



Vera Axyonova and Fabian Schöppner, “Ukrainian Think Tanks in the Post-Euromaidan Period: Exploring the Field”. In Natalia Shapovalova and Olga Burlyuk, Eds. Civil Society in Post-Euromaidan Ukraine: From Revolution to Consolidation. Ibidem.

Teaching and Research

Teaching and Research Focus


Data Collection in Practice

Expert Interviews (Summer Semester 2022)


Empirical Social Research in Practice

International Organisations and the Protection of Human Rights (Winter Semester 21/22)


Data Collection in Practice

Expert Interviews (Summer Semester 2021)


Empirical Social Research in Practice (Winter Semester 20/21)



Think tanks and civil society in Eastern Europe

The European Union and Council of Europe

The European Union's Eastern Partnership


Dissertation Project

The Council of Europe: The Practice of Contestation within an International Organisation