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Information on the digital start of your studies at the Department

Welcome to the Institute for Political Science in the 20/21 winter term!

During the previous term we already gained some new experiences with digital learning and teaching arrangements, as the Covid-19 pandemic forced a rapid transition from face-to-face to online classes. After extensive planning the JLU Executive Committee (Präsidium) decided to deliver the upcoming winter term as a “hybrid term”, with a mix of face-to-face and online learning arrangements. This mix will vary from Faculty to Faculty. Taking into account the size of classes in our programmes of study, as well as the availability of classrooms at the Philosophikum II, the teaching concept at the Faculity  03 (Social Sciences and Cultural Studies) specifies that lectures and seminars in the upcoming winter term 20/21 will take place online. Generally, JLU buildings will remain closed for the public. Only members of staff and employees will have access to the JLU buildings, along with few exceptions for a small amount of students to attend exams or similar sessions.

Here you can find information about the current managing director of the institute, members of academic staff and their areas of research, as well as all employees at the Department. A little further down you will find the link to our new Youtube channel: „Institut für Politikwisssenschaft der JLU Gießen“. The channel provides a welcome video from our managing director Prof. Dr. Nikita Dhawan, as well as a virtual tour of the building.

We at the Department for Political Science wish all new and returning students, staff members and employees a successful start to the winter term 20/21. Stay healthy!


Welcome Meesage by the managing director Prof. Dr. Nikita Dhawan


Virtual Tour through the Department building