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The internship is compulsory for all students of the Bachelor Social Sciences and the Master Society and Cultures of Modernity.

In the BA So Sc

  • there is a preparatory course for the internship;
  • The internship comprises at least 240 hours (equivalent to 6 weeks of full-time work). In the MA GKM degree program

In the Master GKM

  • the internship comprises at least 160 hours (equivalent to 4 weeks of full-time work);
  • there is a follow-up course (internship reflection).

The student is responsible for finding a suitable work placement. The respective internship regulations explain the requirements for the recognition of an internship. If problems arise when selecting a suitable internship position or if there are doubts about whether an internship position is worthy of recognition, students should seek advice from the internship coordinator before starting the internship.

It is advisable to gain further practical experience beyond the compulsory internship and to make contacts in the professional world early on in your studies. Many companies prefer longer internships where you as an intern can take on more of your own projects and responsibilities. If you have the opportunity to complete a longer internship, this could make your internship search easier. Longer internships also offer you the opportunity to gain deeper insights into practice.

The study and internship regulations do not prescribe a period of time for the internship. Times are recommended from the 3rd semester in the BA SoSc and after the 1st semester in the MA GKM. However, research and applications for suitable internships should, if possible, begin at the beginning of your studies.

There is no obligation to conclude an internship contract; a few internship providers do not even provide for this. As a rule, however, a contract is beneficial for both parties because it defines basic cooperation criteria and ensures greater transparency. The internship advisory service (or the lecturer at your internship event) will be happy to provide you with a non-binding sample internship contract.

If your internship location requires confirmation that the internship is a compulsory part of your studies, corresponding confirmation can be requested from the contact person at the relevant institute. Responsibility for questions about the internship is determined by the internship event you have chosen (IfP or IfS).

If you have difficulties finding an internship due to the current pandemic situation, please  contact the event management or the internship representative.