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Internship report

The internship report is considered an examination achievement in module 10 of the BA SoSc degree program and in module TP2 of the GKM master's degree program. Internship report with a declaration of independence, as well as an internship certificate or certificate from the internship provider regarding the duration and content (including hours worked) of the internship are a prerequisite for the internship to be recognized as a compulsory internship. Further information on the form and content of the internship report can be found in the respective course.

There is no fixed deadline for submission. However, it is strongly recommended that you take notes for the report during the internship, write it as soon as possible after completing the internship, and then submit the documents. Please keep in mind that there may be longer processing times in certain phases of the semester. Recognition by the examination office also takes time.

Therefore, submit your internship report as early as possible. The report is submitted to the teacher with whom you attended the internship event. Submission form: electronically, by email, as ONE PDF document (including declaration of independence and certificate from the internship provider).

Important: When creating your internship report, ensure compliance with scientific standards. This applies to the use of sources as well as spelling and punctuation.

It is considered “failed” if it violates the rules of good academic work. Please note the JLU's general regulations for sanctioning attempts at plagiarism and deception.


The following applies to students in the BA SoSc course:

After the assessment of the fully submitted documents has been completed, an internship certificate will be issued in the secretariat (Maren Jüngling) and automatically forwarded to the examination office. After checking the performance requirements, the examination office makes the entry in FlexNow. The internship report will not be graded, but it can be returned for revision if it does not meet the formal and/or substantive performance criteria.


The following applies to students in the MA GKM course:

In the MA GKM course, the internship report is graded. The grade is entered in Flexnow and forms 100% of the module grade. Different conditions apply for students who are still studying according to the old examination regulations (before the winter semester 2017/18). You will receive information about this in the seminar.