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Project Internationalisation

Despite the reduced mobility caused by the pandemic: The department of Art History is to become more international! For this endeavour, the project “Internationalisation” was created with the aim of establishing own research and study partnerships.

Erasmus co-operations with art historical institutes in various European countries are planned. Additionally, existing non-European partnerships of JLU are to be utilized for Art History as well. The aim of such widespread collaboration is to facilitate an exchange in both studying and teaching. A first step during the pandemic is the department’s participation in the Virtual International Programme (VIP) of JLU starting in the 2021 summer term.

This internationalisation project is made possible because the department’s academic staff is already involved in various global research networks. The exchange programmes are to enable students to gain new academic perspectives, to broaden their linguistic and cultural horizons and to experience the spectrum of an increasingly international collaboration in the field of art history. 

Conditions and deadlines for JLU's exchange programs can be found on the website of the International Office.

Questions regarding Erasmus stays or other exchange programs at JLU can also be directed to Elisabetta Cau M.A. (Internationalisation Project, Erasmus Advisor) and Prof. Markus Späth (Eramus Officer).