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Plakat "Im Reich des Dionysos"



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Gießener Allgemeine "Trinkgelage im Alten Schloß"

Gießener Anzeiger "Am Lager des Dionysos"


Dionysus is a dazzling figure of ancient mythology. He is equally at home in the cults of the city of Athens as he is in uncivilised and dangerous nature. His companions include the impetuous satyrs and the wild maenads.

In the festival calendar of ancient Athens, the Dionysia, a cult festival lasting several days in honour of Dionysus, took place in March/April - the ancient month of Elaphebolion. We take advantage of this occasion and celebrate the god of wine and theatre with a small special exhibition.
Using the most beautiful objects from our collection of antiquities and some previously unseen exhibits from our archive holdings, the exhibition illuminates the different facets of this extraordinary god and his role in myth as well as in ancient society.


You can get an insight into the exhibition and the opening on facebook.

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