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Classical Archaeology

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Exhibition "Spuren der Vergangenheit"

The Giessen Collection of Classical Antiquities gained a prestigious architectural setting when it relocated to the new Ludoviciana University building (now the main university building in Ludwigsstraße), which opened in 1880. Occupying over 300 square meters of the foyer and two windowed halls, alongside the Institute of Archaeology, the collection attracted both university audiences and external visitors, highlighting the high value placed on object-related academic teaching at the time.

During the university building's remodeling in 1940, the plaster cast collection was transferred to a "sculpture hall" (now the Senate Hall) above the newly constructed vestibule to the large auditorium. Despite being heavily damaged during the air raid on Giessen on December 6, 1944, remnants of the once-extensive teaching collection remain, albeit poorly documented.

The "Phoenix VR" project endeavors to digitally reconstruct the lost collection's original layout in virtual space using 3D models, aiming to revive its historical impact. This exhibition marks the project's commencement and aims to engage Giessen citizens interactively in the project's development.

Where: Oberhessisches Museum Altes Schloss, Am Brandplatz 2, 35390 Giessen.


 Call for applications

The Rink Foundation invites applications for fellowships forearly-career scholars who hold their doctorate in the field of Classical Studies (Ancient History, Greek Philology & Literature, Classical Archaeology, Latin Philology & Literature).

The objective is for Fellows to prepare and submit, during the 12 month fellowship, a proposal to seek external funding for a project to be carried out at the Institute of Classical Studies. Upon application and under certain conditions, an extension of the scholarship period of up to 6 months is possible.
The value of the fellowships is based on the current DFG rates for doctoral candidates (currently 1,750 € basic amount plus a possible child supplement). The Fellow may request up to € 1,250 per 12-month tenure in research expenses to further his or her research activities.

Application deadline: 31.07.2024
Start of the fellowship: 01.10.2024

Click here for further information.


3D Museum - Desktop App

We have released the desktop app of our virtual museum so that you can explore antiquity from the comfort of your own home!

As part of the project, a virtual exhibition space was designed that can be used as an experimental laboratory for training in the handling of objects, for method-orientated and interdisciplinary teaching formats, as well as for the design of special student exhibitions. You can currently explore three themes that students have designed in a class: Temple, Tomb and Roman House. You can access the project via this link:

Information on the content and use is available here.

We hope you enjoy your journey into antiquity!


Classical Archaeology at JLU now has a second Instagram account!

Are you wondering why the Classical Archaeology Department at JLU now has two accounts?

The answer is quite simple: While @klassarchaeologie_jlu_giessen provides you with all the information about the activities and events of our Collection of Classical Antiquities, @klassischearchaeologiessen is where you can find out more about the department and, above all, about studying Classical Archaeology in Giessen. Moreover, you can regularly discover fun facts about antiquity here!

In our first post there is of course a warm welcome, but not only that...have you ever heard of flying turtles or talking barbecues? No? Then drop by and find out what it's all about!

We look forward to your visit!