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Classical Archaeology

The visual cultures of Greek and Roman Antiquity, the border regions of the Roman Empire, outreach to non-academic audiences in museum contexts, and the employment of digital tools in the study of ancient cultures are the core areas of research and teaching at JLU’s department of Classical Archaeology.

Our team combines an extensive specialist expertise in image studies with many years of experience in field work, in the employment of a broad spectrum of technology, and in object-centered teaching. In our work, we are fully committed to intensive interdisciplinary cooperation both in the field of Classical Studies itself and with other disciplines, e.g. Art History, Geoscience, and IT. Our enthusiasm for Classical Archaeology in its various facets and practical innovation is reflected in our wide range of courses that stress problem-oriented teaching and effective preparation for future occupational fields.

Are you interested in pursuing a degree (B.A., M.A., PhD) in Classical Archaeology at JLU?

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Newsletter of the Collection of Classical Antiquities February 2023

With this new issue of our digital newsletter, we would like to welcome you to the new year 2023. We look back with pleasure on the past year, in which it was finally possible once again to welcome our guests to the Collection of Classical Antiquities in person. We took advantage of this opportunity to offer you a wide range of exhibitions, guided tours and workshops. We hope you enjoyed them as much as we did!

What to expect in the new issue:

Special exhibition "Of Beasts and Men"
New project: "Museum 3D"
The portable Museum
Preview of activities and exhibitions in 2023
Exhibitions 2023
Events and workshops 2023
Review of the year 2022
Project "DIAGNOPTICO - Panofsky meets Experience and Interaction Design"
Special exhibition "In the Realm of Dionysus"
Special exhibition "The Classification of the World"
Workshops for children

Puzzle highlights, Object of the Month, Solutions to the puzzles

Invitation to the special student exhibition "Of Beasts and Men - Menschen und Tiere in der Antiken Kunst"

We cordially invite you to the ceremonial opening of the special student exhibition
"Of Beasts and Men - Menschen und Tiere in der Antiken Kunst".

When: 31. March 2023 at 6 pm

Where: Collection of Classical Antiquities, Altes Schloß, Brandplatz 2, 35390 Giessen

Here you can find further information on the exhibition.

As part of the exhibition, a range of guided tours and workshops for children and families is planned.

The project "Museum 3D" is funded by "Netzwerk digitale Hochschullehre Hessen (HessenHub)"


The project Museum 3D - A virtual exhibition space as a DigiLab for museums and teaching is funded by HessenHub - Netzwerk digitale Hochschullehre Hessen until November 2023!

As part of the project, a virtual exhibition space is being designed that can be used as an experimental laboratory for training in the handling of objects, for method-oriented and interdisciplinary teaching formats and for the design of special exhibitions. The focus is on designing an immersive learning environment for students, pupils and museum visitors, who will be able to explore 3D-modelled exhibition objects in virtual reality.

Michaela Stark and Claudia Schmieder, who are leading the project, are supported by Mareike Büst, the head of the Lab for Innovative Teaching (NIDIT| Network for Impactful Digital International Teaching Skills).

JLU-Vice President Prof. Dr. Martin Kramer, Prof. Dr. Eric M. Moormann and JLU-Vice President Prof. Dr. Katharina Lorenz (from left to right)

Credits: JLU/Till Schürmann

Welcoming Liebig Professor Eric M. Moormann to JLU


The Dutch archaeologist Prof. Dr. Eric M. Moormann has been appointed Liebig Professor at Justus Liebig University Giessen (JLU). With this title, JLU honours renowned scientists and intensifies cooperation with them through a visiting professorship. Prof. Dr. Martin Kramer, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, presented the certificate at a small ceremony in JLU's main building.

Prof. Moorman is a leading scholar worldwide in the field of Roman mural painting research and the modern reception of ancient Roman art and culture. The Liebig Professorship, which officially started on 1 December 2022, will initially run for two years. During this time, the emeritus Dutch archaeologist from Radboud University Nijmegen will cooperate with the Chair of Classical Archaeology (Prof. Dr. Katharina Lorenz) in research and teaching - among other things, on the performativity of Roman life using the example of painting and sculpture, on the history of collecting in German university collections of classical studies and on aspects of globalisation and localisation in the border regions of the Roman Empire.
"We only award our Liebig Professorships to a few selected personalities from whom we expect substantial cooperation in the respective subject area," emphasised JLU Vice President Prof. Kramer. "The cooperation should especially benefit the interdisziplinary working group 'Visualities: Contexts and Framings', which is headed by colleague Lorenz." He is particularly pleased that the guest of honour's research interfaces with perception research and the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC) at JLU.
We are looking forward to the collaboration!

Credits: re:publica/Jan Michalko CC BY 2.0

Classical Archaeology and Virtual Reality [more...]

Digital and immersive technologies have been playing a central role in research and knowledge transfer for several years. The Department of Classical Archaeology at JLU Giessen, which has already been intensively testing the use of digital interaction technologies in museum contexts and in teaching since 2018, is now also breaking new ground in research. In cooperation with the Department of Experimental Psychology, perception structures are being researched via eye tracking in a virtual reality experiment using 3D models of ancient sculptures.

For further information or if you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Claudia Schmieder.

The Collection of Classical Antiquities in an interview with Hessen-schafft-Wissen


QR codes and antiquity: In the new episode of "Hessen-schafft-Wissen. Science Reporter", Dr. Michaela Stark from the Department of Classical Archaeology (JLU Gießen) introduces the Collection of Classical Antiquities. Together with a student, she explains how modern technology is used to look back into the past.

Here's the video.