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The Culture of the Ancient World

For the course of study Culture of the Ancient World the four academic disciplines, Classical Archaeology, Ancient History, Latin and Greek have been put together to form a single, historico-cultural oriented discipline.

Together with the subject knowledge of the culture of the ancient world, through the interdisciplinary approach of the course structure the skill of understanding and working in this structured network is taught and expanded. The links between the varieties of subject jargon, which are always necessary with the different methodologies, the variety of questions and perspectives dealt with, the media and research findings, create and broaden the skill of integrating one’s own skills and those of others and presenting and communicating in a way that goes beyond one’s own horizon. Concerning oneself with the ”closest foreign” in ancient civilization in their literary, material and historical image and their socio-cultural form and relations promote a conscious perception of the other and the strange and enhances the ability of critical, historically-based and cross-cultural judgement.

The course of study imparts a subject-specific education (BA) which can be the foundation for a deepening of knowledge in an MA course of study.

Detailed information on the structure and content of the Archaeology degree programme is available here: 

Study Regulations, Module Descriptions, Degree Course Schemes (german)