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How did gladiators fight? A trip to the Roman amphitheatre

Gladiators were the "superstars" of Roman antiquity and we still encounter them today, for example, on the cinema screen or in comics such as "Asterix as Gladiator". But how do we actually know how these people lived and fought over 2000 years ago? That is one of the questions classical archaeology deals with. To answer this question, we use, among other things, the method of experimental archaeology for practical research into Roman gladiatorial life. Based on archaeological sources, we try to reconstruct how gladiators fought in the arena. Pupils were given an insight into the methods of experimental archaeology in this event and were able to see the practical implementation in the form of a "real" gladiator fight.
Here you can find photos from our arena with the exciting fight of Leonidas and Lyssa.

Contact: Mathias Kunzler