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Current PhD Projects
Diehl, Johanna: Forms of cultic identity formation in imperial Asia Minor using the example of the cult for Hosios and Dikaios
Groh, Manuel: Visual Indexing and Modelling of Roman Sarcophagus Reliefs

Completed PhD Projects

Kobusch, Philipp: Roman Funerary Buildings on the Iberian Peninsula. On the Cultural Influence of Sepulchral Architecture (2011)
von Nicolai, Caroline: Visible and Invisible Boundaries. Deposits at Iron Age Fortifications in Central and Northern Europe (2011) (Co-tutelle: Stéphane Verger, Paris)
Schmieder, Claudia: Image-Text-Relationships on Roman Mosaics (2019)
Schneider, Jan: Rural Settlement Structures in Roman Spain (2015)
Winkler, Elke: Roman Wall Painting on the Iberian Peninsula (2016)
Wodtke, Petra: Romanisation in Imperial Greece. An Archaeological Study (2014)
Completed Master Theses
Diehl, Johanna: Cult Distribution in Imperial Asia Minor (2022)
Martin, Hanna: Side Glances. The Reliefs of Hispanic Altars (2012)
Reining, Monika: Pannonian Wall Decorations and their Contexts (2015)
Seibert, Claudia: The Temple of Elaioussa Sebaste (2014)
Wollmann, Thomas: Roman Amphitheatres and their Urban Context (2014)
Current Bachelor Theses
Stolzheise, Alisa: The Arch of Constantine (2024)
Completed Bachelor Theses
Best, Tamara: The Imagery on Roman Sarcophagi in the Context of Christian Religiosity in the Roman Imperial Period (2023)
Binias, Jürgen: An Archaeological Finding from the Borderland of the Roman Limes (2018)
Broch, Kevin: The Temple in the Amphiaraion of Oropos (2018)
Cartellieri, Catarina: Honorary Arches in the Roman Imperial Period (2023)
Diehl, Johanna: Grave Rites as a Mirror of Identity in the Taunus-Limes Border Region (2019)
Eisenbach, Seven: Ars fullonia - Commercial Function and Socio-Economic Significance of the fullonicae in Pompeii (2020)
Feuerstein, Ann-Katrin: The Altar of Diana in the Ny-Carlsberg Glyptotek Copenhagen (I.N. 858) (2014)
Freihube, Thore: Archaic Cities in Cyprus (2011)
Fuchs, Johanna: Sources and Evidence on the Christianisation of Cilicia. An Analysis Using the Example of the Necropolis of Korykos (2015)
Grupp, Katharina: Bird Depictions on Imperial Mosaics (2015)
Harder, Elisabeth: On the Sculpture and Type of the Munich Tyche (2018)
Heeb, Stefan: The so-called Dresden Pallas (2018)
Henschel, Nicole: The Architectural Decoration of Greek Asklepieia (2011)
Hofmann, Hendrik J.: Dynastic Representation in the Age of the Antonines (2018)
Hür, Gülcan: Serpentine Deities on Attic Votive Reliefs (2014)
Kaiser, Nina: Boys as Muses on Urban Roman Sarcophagi (2015)
Keiner, Eric: Historical References in Classical Architectural Sculpture (2013)
Kissner, Sandra: The Cult of Isis in the Roman Imperial Domestic Context (2022)
König, Thomas: The Hellenistic Buildings on the Karasis. Studies on their Historical Position and Function (2014)
Kunz, Jacqueline: On Function and Meaning of Geometric Vessels in the Shape of Pomegranates (2014)
Kressner, Eric: The Ship's Find from Kyrenia (2016)
Krüger, Hannes: Music on Red-Figure Women's Chamber Paintings (2016)
La Russa, Candida: From the Sacrilegious to the Figure of Identification? The Shift in Meaning of Greek Myths on Roman Sarcophagi (2017)
Lichtblau, Florian: Ancient Magic and its Archaeological Tradition. The Fountain of Anna Perenna in Rome (2014)
Limp, Paula: Bakeries in Pompeii (2013)
Lind, Isabell: The Marble Lekythos of the Giessen Collection of Classical Antiquities (Inv. No. St-9) (2015)
Martin, Hanna: Roman Córdoba. The Urban Development of the Early Imperial Period (2009)
Modisch, Ann-Katrin: Death in Attic Imagery (2020)
Petridou, Despina: The Amphora (Inv. No. Ke 1753) in the Kulturhistorisches Museum Magdeburg. Form, Painter Attribution and Iconography of a Hitherto Unpublished Red-Figure Vase (2015)
Pfaff, Tristan: The Attic Pottery from Hala Sultan Tekke (Cyprus) (2013)
Pfalz, Janek: Mother Goddesses in the Imagery of the Roman Provinces (2023)
Pohl, Svenja: Pietas as a Concept of Rulership in the Augustan Period (2018)
Reining, Monika: Roman Wall Painting from Pannonia Using the Example of Aquincum and Gorsium (2013)
Reitz, Lisa: The Theseus Sarcophagus in Cliveden (2013)
Riese, Christian: The Charmyleion at Pyli on Kos (2017)
Schäfer, Christian: The Hetaera in Greek Imagery of the Archaic and Classical Periods (2010)
Schäfer, Henrik L: The Presentation of the Diadochi in the Numismatic Findings (2018)
Schild, Ann-Kathrin: The Prometheus Sarcophagus in Rome, Mus. Cap. Inv. 329 (2012)
Schmieder, Leon: Statuary Ecphrasis in Apuleius (2012)
Schneider, Hannah Yasmin: Children in Greek Imagery (2020)
Schmidt, Johanna: Aἰών in High and Late Imperial Imagery. Concepts of Time in the Cosmological Mosaic of Merida (2023)
Schreiber, Leo: Caracalla and the Representational Practices of the Severan Dynasty (2020)
Schubert, Pascal: Investigations into the Dating of the Wetteraulimes Using the Forts of Echzell and Butzbach as Examples (2012)
Schwehn, Tim: Wrestling Depictions in Attic Black-Figure Vase Painting (2015)
Seibert, Claudia: The East Pediment of the Temple of Zeus at Olympia (2012)
Steuer, Lukas: Death in the Roman House (2022)
Thies, Theda: A Poetic Boy Wonder. The Funerary Monument of Sulpicius Maximus in Rome (2015)
Turgut, Firat: Adaptation of Oriental Elements in the Early Greek Period Using the Example of the So-Called Lion God of Delphi (2013)
Voelsch, Cornelia: "Donaureiter" - On the Motifs of Imperial Period Votive Plates (2011)
Wernicke, Moritz: The Representation of the Severans Using the Example of the Temple of Caracalla at Dougga (2015)
Wollmann, Thomas: Masonry Techniques in Hala Sultan Tekke (2011)
Ziemer, Tamara: The Varrese Painter and His Work (2018)
Zilic, Filip: Severan Representational Practices (2019)