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Our Students (B.A.)

I originally come from Leer in East Frisia, which - for those who don't know - is one of the most north-westerly parts of Germany. It was actually my studies that brought me to Giessen. Immediately after my Abitur in 2018, there was of course a question of what I would like to do afterwards: After a few failed plans, I had to change my mind and finally ended up with the degree programme "The Culture of the Ancient World" here in Giessen. I should add that I had seven years of Latin and six years of Ancient Greek at school. So I had the best prerequisites for studying Classics!

In my first two semesters, I realised that I was more interested in Archaeology than Classics. An exercise on evaluating the survey finds from Inheiden confirmed this once again. In the course of this, I applied for a student assistant position for precisely this project. And to top it all off, I applied for a change of subject to Classical Archaeology as my first major for the winter semester 2019/2020! Where exactly my career path will take me later is still unclear. I would be interested, for example, in drifting into Archaeozoology or knowledge transfer. But I wouldn't rule out teaching at university either. As you can see, nothing has been decided yet, but I still have a little time to make up my mind.