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Study coordination services

Study coordination services

 Sandra Hammamy
 Phil. I, Haus G, Raum 38
 Tel.: 0049-641-99-28005

Consultation: Tue 10-12, Thu 10-12






Study Coordination Services

Curriculum counselling

All questions concerning the organisation of the curriculum:
  • Workload
  • Overlaps
  • Integration of language certification courses
  • Reconciling work, family, and studies

Course of studies counselling

All questions about planning the course of your studies:

  • Combination of subjects
  • Minor and subsidiary subject regulations
  • Content-related priorities during the course of study
  • Semester off or semester abroad
  • Standard period of study
  • Degree programme or subject change
  • Studies
  • Additional certificates

Examination process counselling

Questions on the examination process:
  • Deadlines for course enrolment as well as examination registration and deregistration
  • Consequences of underperformance in examinations
  • Consequences of plagiarism or attempted deception

Teaching coordination service

Syllabus planning

  • Capacity limit for courses
  • Protected times
  • Overlaps
  • Registration for block instruction

Examination process