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Education and Academic Posts Held


Studies in English, German, philosophy and pedagogy at the University of Trier

Assistant Teacher in Stockport, Great Britain

Teacher for English and German at German high schools (Gymnasium) in Koblenz and Daun, Rhineland-Palatinate

Teacher trainer for English as a foreign language (secondary and advanced level) at the state teacher training seminar in Trier

Head of Auguste-Viktoria-Gymnasium Trier (state school with a bilingual branch, School for the Highly Gifted/International School, member of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network)

PhD in pedagogical studies (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Since 2004
Professor for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (literature and cultural studies) at the University of Giessen
Since 2004
Member of the editorial board of Der fremdsprachliche Unterricht English (Bi-monthly journal for Teaching as a Foreign Language)

Member of the Advisory Board of the German Association for Foreign Language Research/Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung (DGFF)

Since 2005
Member of the Board of Directors of the Giessener Graduiertenzentrum Kulturwissenschaften (GGK) and the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture (GCSC), University of Giessen

Since 2006
Member of the Executive Board of the International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture and Head of the Teaching Centre, University of Giessen

July/August 2007
Research Fellow at St. Mary's University Halifax, Canada

2007 - 2009
Director of the English Department