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Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hallet

Professor for Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen
Institut für Anglistik, Didaktik des Englischen

(Dept. of Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Otto-Behaghel-Str. 10B, Room 428a
D-35394 Giessen

Tel.:     +49 (0) 641-99-30308 /  Office Hours





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Research Areas

Teaching literature and cultural studies in the foreign language classroom; Literary and cultural theories and cultural studies approaches for the teaching of English as a foreign language (EFL); Methodologies of teaching literature, cultural studies and cultural history in the literary classroom; Implications of textual and intertextual theories for the EFL classroom; Materials design for the EFL classroom; Electronic media in the EFL classroom; Theories and methodologies of content and language integrated learning.