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The Ability To Listen


The Ability to listen

A Mashup-Based Strategy lays the foundation for a sucessful defence

Within the past centuries there have been very significant developments in the approach to
security. While this is a matter that was attended for in the past, recently it has been
recognized that much more needs to be done. This is why we at „The Grand Defender“
take on a wholistic approach, instead of adopting a single angle. Complex problems have
many different causes. To meet the 21st century challenges, we need a new use of old
methods and tools, the use of what we call the unique 21st century defencecraft. Therefore
we introduced in 2009 new internal policy guidelines, that provide our operational team of
military experts with a coherent framework, in which it can identify and determine
appropriate regulatory responses to the challenges of a globalized world.
What does that mean?
Instead of having everything depend on our own initiative, we recognize that environment,
situation, context, history, competitors and enemies theirselves carry a certain potential
that we should identify and then let ourselves be carried along with it. So when we say that
something possesses a potential, we mean that by its very nature it is destined for some
kind of development on which we can rely.
Embarking on this notion of „There's no point in reinventing the wheel, but its full
penetrating power can only be actualized in new contextes and combinations“, we
developed a mashup-based strategy that lays the foundation for a sucessfull defence.
What we call to have a „Mashup-minded-disposition“ means, that we are working in a
fashion where multiple avenues are organized to refine the apparent one at hand. This necessarily
includes a true understanding of flexibility in relation to our sourroundings and can be best
circumscribed with the ability to listen to what is already there.
As a result, The Grand Defender is working on the border line between accounting, legislation,
initial preparations and emergency campaigns. We are specialists for innovative, surprising and
efficient solutions, and we distinguish ourselves by an unlimited willingness to pull together ideas
from a wide range of disciplines and influences into a cohesive form that creates something new
and different from the sources that led to its creation.



by Malte Scholz (CCO THE GRAND DEFENDER) / Tobias Rosenberger


Past Performances

  • 2010-04-22, Haus der Jugend, osnabrück, EMAF 2010
  • 2010-04-22, Haus der Jugend, osnabrück, EMAF 2010