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Ole Hübner: »Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen« – »Multi-Exposed Melodramas« (2016/17, WP) – Listening theatre for beatboxing voice artist, audio/video playback, and live electronics
... and compositions by Ondrej Adámek (UA), Gordon Kampe (UA), Erin Gee (UA), Kurt Schwitters, and Georges Aperghis

In the solo project of voice artist Frauke Aulbert beatboxing, the »5th element of hip-hop«, meets contemporary music. Here, in musical and socio-cultural regards, two worlds which both fanatically create art on the fringe of society, and still could not be more different, crash into each other. On three performative layers – vocal artistry, video/light design, and audio electronics – the rhythmical language of beatboxing is translated to neo-avant-garde sonic art.

In »Mehrfachbelichtete Melodramen« by Ole Hübner the – vocally, noisily, percussively – self-expressing subject finds herself in an imaginary scenery of communication and everyday sound. Imitation, addition, manipulation, and not least performative virtuosity are the media to invite the audience to adopt the memory of scenes which have been experienced individually, and to match them with their own experiences and imaginations – to multi-expose them.


by Frauke Aulbert, Ole Hübner (ATW)


Past Performances

  • 2017-06-13, premiere , BKA-Theater am Mehringdamm, Berlin
  • 2017-06-18, Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Festival »Der Sommer in Stuttgart«
  • 2017-11-03, Festival »Klangwerkstatt«, Berlin
  • 2017-11-18, Kaistudio in der Elbphilharmonie Hamburg