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deep net fake hole dark rabbit

deep net fake hole dark rabbit is a lo-fi-archeology of being-online, addressing the internet as a space of orientation and of missing out, of connection and exclusion. Reconstructing her browser history, Caroline Creutzburg searches for gaps in order to retrospectively write herself into the biography of the www. Wrestling with user-generated online culture and big tech’s teflon-capitalism, the work aims for a protest beyond dystopian mainstream-platitudes.

The performance will be in German.

Konzept, künstlerische Leitung, Performance: Caroline Creutzburg 
Dramaturgie: Eva Königshofen 
Objekte: Clara Reiner 
Künstlerische Produktionsleitung: Carmen Salinas

  • Performance



19.6. - 23.6.21, 20 Uhr, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Saal)