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hungry eyes festival 2021 (5th - 7th of February)

hungry eyes festival goes into the next round! The team of 13 cultural practitioners, theatre-makers and cineastes has made it their goal to interrogate the intersection between film, performance and installation art and is looking forward to the third and for the very first time ONLINE edition of hungry eyes festival from February 5th-7th 2021 on

This year over 770 submissions for short films, installation art works and performances from 62 countries reached the digital mailbox of the festival in the Hessian university city. In a collective process over the period of three months the entire team reviewed, sighted and discussed all the works and finally put together a program with over 40 participating artists* and collectives for hungry eyes festival 2021.

(c) hungry eyes festival
The festival is interested in artistic positions that place themselves at the intersection of film, performance and installation art. In addition to three short film programs, consisting of a total of 16 short films in the main category and seven short films in the so called ‘Trash Night, nine installation art works and performances have been selected that deal with the medium film in an interdisciplinary way. Also we are presenting different talk-formats together with the artists and the audience. The question of the gaze as well as perspectives of ‘looking’ and ‘being looked at’ are fine threads that connect the selected artistic works and weave a web of the diverse artistic approaches and disciplines.

The complete program with all artistic contributions is presented in detail on our website:

Thanks to the support of numerous institutions such as HessenFilm und Medien GmbH, the Giessen Cultural Office, the Hessian Film and Media Academy, the Giessen Cultural Foundation and the Hessen Theater Academy, hungry eyes festival is once again able to offer free access to art and culture regardless of admission fees. Subscribe to our telegram-channel for updates and specific announcement of the program:


With: Elena Giffel, Anne Mahlow, Herbert Graf, Leonie Kopineck, Eva Streit, Eva Kirsch, Nikolas Stäudte, Svenja Polonji, Amélie Haller, Sophia Scherer, Maren Küpper, Linda Gottwald, Anja Schneidereit



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