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Zu Verschenken [phase 2: Piling up]

(c) Rodrigo Andreolli
This work is a public offer. A game of circumstance materialized and assembled to fade, and to rest as virtuality, in data and in memory. Bounded by affections and corporeal involvement. Deriving choreographies from encounters on sidewalks, corners and crossroads. A speculation around aspects of the economy promoted through the objects left for donation on the streets. Nothing is for free. Walking and talking, we gather these pieces of debris left aside at our non-stop productive pathos. We accumulate, we hoard. Can’t stop, won’t stop. . Collecting is a form of putting these objects into a new configuration, hijacking them into a new temporary existence. Piling them up is a way for testing out the edges of stability in precarity. As we exercise transmaterial collaborations, we unveil narratives, weave memories and fictions. Zu Verschenken will be presented as part of Rodrigo Andreolli’s thesis project for the MA CUP on 20th and 21st of March, at TheaterLabor Giessen.
Phase 3 of the research will premiere at Mousonturm, Frankfurt, in September 2021. This project is a cooperation of Rodrigo Andreolli with Mousonturm, the MA Choreography and Performance within the frame of Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA). The research is supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste, (#takecare Program), with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

a piece by
Rodrigo Andreolli

collecting and piling with:
Miguel Caldas
Ida Daniel
Carolina Mendonça
Mara Kirchberg
Todor Stoyanov
Amina Szecsody
Gry Tingskog

Walking contributions:
René Alejandro Huari Mateus
Diana DeFex
Nina DeLudemann
Patrick Faurot
Cheraneva Katja
Eliza Goldox
Romuald Krezel
Lee Mun Wai
Carina Premer
Tomás de Souza


  • Performance
  • Final / master piece


[Phase2] 20 - 21.03.21, PB3000, Gießen

[Phase3] 06 - 12.09.21, Mousonturm, Frankfurt