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Profile MA CuP

Profile MA CuP

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Choreography and Performance is an international master’s degree designed and organised by the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies at Giessen University and the Department for Contemporary Dance at the Academy for Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt (Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main). The particular and unique cooperation of a university and an art academy provides the students with extensive education in the field of dance studies, choreography and performance, including both theoretical and practical classes. From winter semester 2012 on, Prof. Dr. Bojana Kunst has taken up the professorship of Choreography and Performance. With her broad research and teaching experience and her international reputation as a dramaturge in the field of contemporary visual and performing arts she will enrich the program in its practical and theoretical orientation.

The course combines practical and reflexive approaches, enabling the students to engage in an expanded notion of choreography and performance: concepts of the body and movement are not only analysed and discussed in relation to performance and visual arts, but also in the context of contemporary theories of aesthetics and the political. In this sense, choreography and performance are introduced as embodied practices which can develop only in the constant exchange with critical thought. Special attention is also given to the analysis of current modes of production in an international context, which can help the students to find and pursue their own independent practices and modes of working.

The students can choose among different modules and seminars offered by the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, the Academy for Music and Performing Arts and other partners of the Hessian Theatre Association (Hessische Theaterakademie). An important part of the course focuses on the students’ artistic work. Artistic projects, practical courses, body and dance training and open dramaturgical formats enable a variety of advisory and mentoring processes. Various workshops with guest professors and lecturers from the field of contemporary art and dance offer insight into their different working methods. The master’s programme is also connected to other cultural institutions in the region, such as Tanzlabor 21, Mousonturm and Frankfurt LAB which provide professional conditions for artistic work.

The Concept of the MA in „Choreography and Performance”

The MA in „Choreography and Performance“ aims at students who have both an interest in scholarly academic work and who have intensively dealt with the fields of dance, body, movement, choreography, and performance in their studies and artistic processes.

The degree has been developed as a consecutive MA degree and builds on a first professional qualifying university degree of Applied Theatre Studies, dance or adequate completed training plus possible professional experience, spanning over several years, leading to a further professional artistic qualifying degree. The goal is to train artistic personalities, who are prepared for the complexity of the demands of contemporary performing art in the field of dance and performance theoretically and practically.

The professional use of competence gained during the degree is very extensive and depends highly on the individual students, their talent, previous training and the individually-chosen focal points. The capabilities and knowledge attained during the degree can lead to an independent artistic career, eg. In the fields of choreography, performance art, installations or video dance. Further professional fields are dance dramaturgy (town theatre, production or festival dramaturgy), for concept and organisation in the areas of culture (eg. Management of dance festivals and competitions) and for journalistic and editorial capabilities (above all print media). Also in the fields of “Dance in schools”/”Community dance”/”education projects” will open new professional fields to graduates.


Study process

The MA has been designed to expand on, deepen and reflect theoretically in seminars as well as in practical courses on dance-scientific, dance-practical and theatre-scientific content and sample one’s own work artistically and practically. The degree is completed with a successful completion of all modules, the thesis consists of one’s own artistic practical work.

The following modules are completed in the two year Masters degree in Choreography and Performance (in total 120 CP):

1. Year of Study

  • Dance history and dance theory
  • Contemporary aesthetics and performance
  • Choreography/artistic practice
  • Dance practice, body formation, movement research
  • Art and music
  • Management and organisation
  • Formation of profile

2. Year of Study

  • Body staging
  • Specialisation module
  • Assistance module
  • Artistic MA thesis


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