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Cooperations and Projects

German Research Foundation (DFG)

ZO 122/1-1

Microbial genes of oxidative carotinoide degradation

ZO 122/2-1

Molecular characterization of the biosynthesis of raspberry ketone in the basidiomycete Nicula niveo-tomentosa
Society of industrial research associations (AiF)

AiF 119 ZN/3

Biotechnological oxyfunctionalization of pinene waste streams into high quality natural substances and chiral synthesis building blocks for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries
Research group of the food industry (FEI)

AiF-FV 121 ZN

Isolation and enrichment of fungal enzymes using isoelectrically focussed, preparative foaming ("Adsorptive Bubble Separation") for improved industrial usage of lignin-containing natural substances
AiF 299 ZN Biotechnological preparation of high quality flavourings from side streams of the food industry
German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)

Az. 13164-32

Funding priority Biotechnology: Novel biocatalysts made from basidiomycetes for the food industry

Az. 13187-32

ChemBioTech joint project: Biotechnological production of natrual (+) nootkatone

Az. 13199-22

Funding priority Biotechnology: Fungal secretomes fpr efficiant lignin digestation
Az. 20007/898 StSP sustainable bioprocesses: Molecular characterization and heterologous expression of novel biocatalysts from basidiomycetes
Az. 13211-32 First technical use of fungal secretomes for the efficient recycling of straw and wood residues
Cluster Industrial Biotechnology (CLIB 2021)

CLIB 2021 Innovative technologies and method for downstram processing - optimization of the Innovative Technologien und Methoden für das Downstream-Processing – Optimization of the accessibility of secondary microbial metabolites
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


FKZ 031B0307B

Bioeconomy international 2015: MOPSACI: monocaryotic strains of Pleurotus sapidus for the extracrion of natrual product with biological activity from side streams of the citrus industry, Subproject B



POD Immobilization - Immobilization of bio-catalytically active peroxidases on textile carrier materials
BMBF_Biofuel2021 Microorganisms for enzymes for lignocellulose hydrolysis
RUS 10/B34 Development of optimized enzyme cocktails for lignocellulose digestation
State offensive for developing scientific and economic excellence (LOEWE)


III L6-519/03/03.001 – (0012)

AROMAplus – From herbal raw materials to microbiological production - aromatic and functional ingredients from vines and fruit
insect biotechnology Insect enzymes for the industrial biotechnology
Integrative mushroom research (IPF) Innovation through integration of application and fundamentally oriented research for the usage of fungal diversity

KMU Joint project

(HA project number: 305/11-50)

Development of a novel non-alcoholic beverage by using an edible mushroom and a corresponding manufacturing process
Federal Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV)
FNR_ 22019609 lignocellulose biorefinery; Subproject 8: Lignin utilization
FNR_ 22001910 Inventory of the biogenic residual material potential of the German food and biotechnology industry
Agency for Renewable Resources e.V. (FNR)

Fatty aldehydes

FKZ 22001617

Sustainable production methods for unsaturted, medium-chain fatty aldehydes as potent aroma chemicals
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)
ZIM cooperation project funding number KF3310001CS4 Preparation of proteins for food from industrial side streams by cultivating fungi and bacteria
Industrial cooperations
AB Enzymes
Artes Biotechnology GmbH Langenfeld/Germany
Protagen AG Dortmund/Germany
BASF Ludwigshafen/Germany


Bakery Ingredients; Delft/Netherlands


Natural Food and Beverage Ingredients; Darmstadt/Germany
N-Zyme BioTec GmbH Darmstadt/Germany
Symrise Holzminden/Germany