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Publications of the year 2024

  • Brescia FF, Passinger J, Wende RC, Schreiner PR, Zorn H, Fraatz MA (2024) Determining ultra-low organic molecular odor thresholds in air helps identify the most potent fungal aroma compound . J Agric Food Chem; accepted

  • Bickel Haase T, Klis V, Hammer AK, Pinto Lopez C, Verheyen C, Naumann-Gola S, Zorn H (2024) Fermentation of cocoa pod husks with Pleurotus salmoneo-stramineus for food applications . Food Sci Nutr

  • Brescia FF, Korf L, Essen L-O, Zorn H, Rühl M (2024) A novel O - and S -methyltransferase from Pleurotus sapidus is involved in flavor formation . J Agric Food Chem; accepted