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Teaching at JLU

Current teaching

M.Sc. (Biology)
Module leader
MS-MS-SEM Masters seminar 3 CP
MS-OE-BGG Biogeography 6 CP
MS-OE-BIM Biodiversity informatics and modeling 6 CP
Module participation
MS-OE-MEB Molecular evolutionary biology 6 CP
MS-WP-ASS 1 - Assistance module
MS-WP-ASS 2 - Assistance module
MS-WP-LAB 1 - Lab practical 1
MS-WP-LAB 2 - Lab practical 2
MS-WP-TEA - Teamwork
MS-AG-SEM1 - Lab seminar 1
MS-AG-SEM2 - Lab seminar
Preparation master thesis
Supervision master thesis

M.Sc. (Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy)
Module leader
M-GC-BDI Biodiversity informatics 3 ECTS
Module participation
M-GC-EVO Following the Footsteps of Darwin: Evolutionary Biology of Organisms 3 ECTS

B.Sc. (Biology)
Module participation
A4-TOE Introduction to ecology – Limno-ecology, Teil E
K-2-ZOO General ecology, part Mollusca
V-ZO-MMT Micro- and macroevolution of animals, 3 course parts
V-AT-ALL Assistance and teamwork
A-WP-VOR Self-study module zoology
Preparation thesis
Supervision thesis

Teachers training L3 (Biology)
Module leader
BioF-L3-8c Excursion inland waters
BioF-L3-8d Limnological excursions
BioF-L3-4b Anatomy, systematics, and evolution of animals, 3 course parts
Preparation thesis
Supervision thesis

Special teaching

Field schools in Africa (third party funded, irregular)