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The JLU's Liebig-College provides an excellent environment for your improvement with up-to-date laboratories and remarkable guests. There are plenty motivations to join the Liebig-College!



Student fellowship

The Liebig-College includes a studentship fellowship to reimburse traveling costs and provides a monthly amount to cover subsistence costs inclusive accommodation.

Research project
During your visit you will work on top-level research projects at the Institute of Organic Chemistry supervised by graduates. These projects can be declared as a summer project or bachelor thesis - depending on the extend.

Excellent lectures & seminars
Visiting professorships and remarkable guests will give lectures and seminars complementary to the research projects and talk about fundamental and hot chemistry topics.

Course offer
In Addition we provide a course offer for harmonizing with missing credit points from your university.

International experience & socializing
You gain international experience, get known to other undergraduates, graduates and professors and can socialize with them. Furthermore you broaden your's horizon in a social as well as scientific way.

You get known to Germany and german culture and can travel about Germany.

In Addition the Liebig-College provides the perspective for becoming a PhD student: PreProChem Programm - fast-track program for PhD-Students.