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Current projects

  • Combine harvesting - Impact of an innovative combine harvesting technique on biodiversity - a pilot study of the administrative district of Marburg-Biedenkopf
  • Aliens - Alien species in a changing world: Detection, monitoring and prediction
  • Antago Senecio - Integrated regulation of Senecio through antagonists and production technology
  • AktiMoos - Activation of bog regeneration through (re-)establishment of hummock building peat mosses
  • BioDruschTec - Development of sustainable combine harvesting technology for organic farming in Hesse 
  • Escape II - Effects of disturbance, seed addition and land-use intensity on plant community assembly and ecosystem functions in grassland
  • GreenJLU - Concept for the sustainable development of the green spaces of the Justus Liebig University Gießen
  • Lupinus - Management of the invasive lupine
  • PEGasuS - Plant-Enzyme Interactions along Gradients of Resource Stoichiometry
  • MOST 3D -
  • MonA -
  • ORG-VITI - Sustainable use of organic side streams in the Republic of Kosovo: Concept development and development of implementation paths using the example of the municipality of Viti (ORG-VITI)
  • Goal achieved? - Mahdgutübertragung in der Renaturierungspraxis