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Division of Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning

Landscape Ecology & Landscape Planning


 Landscape Ecology & Landscape Planning


We, the Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning lab, are working on the effects of climate change, land use change and invasive species on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning from the plot to the landscape scale using field-based approaches as well as methods of remote sensing. In addition to questions of basic scientific research, we also focus on topics related to nature conservation and restoration ecology. We are curios, open-minded and oriented towards interdisciplinarity, so we cover a broad range of topics and methods in both teaching and research.




Potential topics for theses


Monitoring Sustainable Development Goals from Space

A recent study led by M. Sc. Mojdeh Safaei and co-authored by Dr. André Große-Stoltenberg and Prof. Dr. Till Kleinebecker shows how satellite data can contribute to map degradation of drylands. The study illustrates the potential of remote sensing for monitoring Sustainable Development Goals such as SDG15 "Life on Land" and "Land Degradation Neutrality".

The study was published in the journal Landscape Ecology and is freely available under the following link: