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General and Soil Microbiology

Professor for General and Soil Microbiology

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Schnell

Diplom (Biology), University of Konstanz, 1988
Dr. rer. nat. (Microbiology), University of Tübingen, 1991
Postdoc (Microbial Ecology), University of Maine, 1991-1994
Habilitation (Microbiology), Philipps University Marburg, 1998
Research associate at the Department of Biogeochemistry at the MPI Marburg, 1995-1999
Research associate at the MPI for Marine Microbiology in Bremen, January - October 2000
Professor for General and Soil Microbiology at the University of Giessen since October 2000



Newest Publications:

Tocci N., Egger M., Hoellrigl P., Sanoll C., Beisert B., Brezina S., Fritsch S., Schnell S., Rauhut D., Conterno L. (2023) Torulaspora delbrueckii strain behaviour within different refermentation strategies for sparkling cider production. Appl Sci. 13:4015. doi:10.3390/app13064015.

Vega-Cárdenas M., Martínez-Gutierrez F., Lara-Ramírez E.E., Reynaga-Hernandez E., Yañez-Estrada L., Ratering S., Schnell S., Godínez-Hernández C.I., Vargas-Morales J.M. and Portales-Pérez D.P. (2023) Agave fructans enhance the effects of fermented milk products on obesity biomarkers: a randomised trial. Beneficial Microbes (in press)

Rosado‐Porto D., Ratering S., Wohlfahrt Y., Schneider B., Glatt A., Schnell S. (2023) Elevated atmospheric CO2 concentrations caused a shift of the metabolically active microbiome in vineyard soil. BMC Microbiol. 23:46.

Bolívar-Anillo H.J., Asensio-Montesinos F., Reyes Almeida G.R., Solano Llanos N.S., Sánchez Moreno H.S., Orozco-Sánchez C.J., Villate Daza D.A.V., Iglesias-Navas M.A. and Anfuso G. (2023) Litter Content of Colombian Beaches and Mangrove Forests: Results from the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts. J. Mar. Sci. Eng. 11(2):250.

Bolívar-Anillo H.J., Soto-Varela Z.E., Sánchez Moreno H., Villate Daza D.A., Rosado-Porto D., Vega Benites S., Pichón González C. and Anfuso G. (2023) A Preliminary Approximation to Microbiological Beach Sand Quality along the Coast of the Department of Atlántico (Caribbean Sea of Colombia): Influence of the Magdalena River. Water 15(1):48.

Orban A., Jerschow J.J., Birk F., Suarez C., Schnell S. and Rühl M. (2023). Effect of bacterial volatiles on the mycelial growth of mushrooms. Microbiol Res. 266:127250.

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Research Topics:

Anaerobic Microorganisms
Plant Microbe Interactions
Protozoa Microbe Interactions
Protozoa Ecology
Metal Microbe Interactions
Fungal Bacteria Interactions
Microbial Diversity (soil, wine..)